Mally Skok Design is an interior design firm West of Boston specializing in residences and small commercial projects.

  • Morning glow... Chilly tromp through the  garden with the  girls.... Feel so bad leaving them but  my  soul begs for warm breezes... An atmosphere change will  do  me  good  too 😎- #differentproblemsbutnolessdire
  • Double gift from  the  universe today. The Alabama hater loses, and  I get  my voter registration in the mail. #tideisshifting 🥂
  • Hanging this little watercolor I painted for my daughter in her bathroom in New York. It's of her and her dad walking down to our beach  in South Africa..... The vegetation (fynbos - my obsession!) is gone in the horrendous fires last winter - so is the lovely walkway they're standing on😢. Life is fleeting -- never forget. Always be present for the important moments -- #lifeslessons #plett
  • Post brunch love in. #familytime photo credit @gskok
  • Good cotton ball morning people!! #familytimes❤️ #snowinthecity
  • The revolution will be spray painted. #thanksfortheheadsup #goodtoknow Coffee run east village.
  • Dinner in the belly of a whale... #jewebago. #familytime
  • Exploring the neighborhood. The romance of chairs piled on tables. #pennyroundlove #downtownvibes
  • Les girls' morning hunt is so  much easier now the field is knocked down -- stress not, they never catch anything!  #morningfrost❄️ #timetogosouth
  • Sometimes all you can do is stand and watch the geese.... Beautifully gloomy morning down by the river this am. Seeing Hillary last night, all polished and  gorgeous, but with such tired  energy, was extraordinarily sad. No  joy there at all. She always  does  her duty, came  to  support @bigsisterboston as she promised, and support the  incredible work they do befriending and mentoring  young women from difficult backgrounds! #resist #dontbesilent #fighton

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