Mally Skok Design is an interior design firm West of Boston specializing in residences and small commercial projects.

  • Its beginning to feel a lot like my kind of Christmas... Its good to be back in Africa🛫🛫🛫
  • Yup. Time to get out of dodge!!! #sunshineahead☀️
  • Morning glow... Chilly tromp through the  garden with the  girls.... Feel so bad leaving them but  my  soul begs for warm breezes... An atmosphere change will  do  me  good  too 😎- #differentproblemsbutnolessdire
  • Double gift from  the  universe today. The Alabama hater loses, and  I get  my voter registration in the mail. #tideisshifting 🥂
  • Hanging this little watercolor I painted for my daughter in her bathroom in New York. It's of her and her dad walking down to our beach  in South Africa..... The vegetation (fynbos - my obsession!) is gone in the horrendous fires last winter - so is the lovely walkway they're standing on😢. Life is fleeting -- never forget. Always be present for the important moments -- #lifeslessons #plett
  • Post brunch love in. #familytime photo credit @gskok
  • Good cotton ball morning people!! #familytimes❤️ #snowinthecity
  • The revolution will be spray painted. #thanksfortheheadsup #goodtoknow Coffee run east village.
  • Dinner in the belly of a whale... #jewebago. #familytime
  • Exploring the neighborhood. The romance of chairs piled on tables. #pennyroundlove #downtownvibes

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