Mally Skok Design is an interior design firm West of Boston specializing in residences and small commercial projects.

  • Pre dawn departure for work trip to NY for  interviews and AD show. Botswana trees bag full of little giveaways. As Nick Cave said in his @thechaiselounge podcast #abm -- Always be marketing!! Understood Nick!! @designbloggersconference thanks for having Nck there!! #dbc
  • Site visit with this view....
  • Scenes from the studio... Love what you do!! #larkingaround with  the  marvelous  @sarah_w_studios
  • Good fences might make good neighbours, but this 13 degree morning with a steady breeze is making this doggie walk come to an abrupt and good end!! #enoughalready #chillydoggiewalksareshort
  • This!! Come join us!! #headinghometodinner2018
  • Where you go we go!! #lesgirls❤️ #alwayswithourmummy @isabellaskok #Sofia #mallyskokdesignfabrics #getadoggie
  • I stand in solidarity with our children who have discovered that their collective voices demanding safety and justice can not be ignored. #studentwalkoutagainstgunviolence
  • Morning light on our giant Linden trees. We saved them when we built our house 20 years ago. They are like two big old friends guarding us from evil and welcoming us home. Such a reassuring presence in this tumultuous world. If they ever go over, it better be into the driveway!  #justsayin'
  • Our bird bath makes the perfect snow gage - what do you reckon, looks like we're pretty close to 2 feet so far - they say it's going to snow till 11 tonight. 😩😩😩 #digmeout
  • Snow report. My birdie friends are happy I made a pre blizzard run for birdseed!!

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