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  • Best thing about Plett this time of year. You can get bookings everywhere!! @phototerrier has made it his mission to try every wine farm on the Redford Road. @emmiefoot is always game, though she's not much of a wine guzzler these days!! #good times #sometimes @lodestonewine #motheronboard
  • Can't beat nature's amazing patterns. #lowtidejoycontinues #sandripples
  • Look at this amazing piece of coral I found on Nature's Valley beach the other evening!! #foundobjectlove
  • Did a quick swing thorough the Plett decorating shops this morning. #blueness  #pillowlove #africanfabricismyjoy
  • #seasnailtrails - No beach walk on Robberg is ever quite the same.... #hopeimnotboringyouwithbeachpics #superlowtide
  • This morning the tide was super low.... Went shell-seeking and ended up picking up about 30 stranded starfish and putting them back in the shallows. Can they survive out in the sun till the tide comes in I wonder??? Didn't want to take the risk, plus lots of dogs on the beach. #beachwalks #beachmusings
  • When your phone dings in the bloody middle of nowhere... Quick take an Imsta!! #afternoonhike #iamtired #theTrumpfaildramawastooexcitingtosleep #naturesvalleylove
  • The Rondebosch Boys High School band lend a festive air to the Plettenberg Bay Saturday farmer's market. Where did you have breakfast this morning?? #eggsbaconandsaudages #goodtimes @emmiefoot @phototerrier #rondeboschboyshighschool
  • I give you a Saturday morning meditation - bubbly brook weaving through the forest floor.....crossed a couple of times while working our way through the trees down to the ocean-- going up the other side- a bit of a chest-heaver!! Yesterday's hike at Kranzhoek with @phototerrier #Forestbathing at it's finest!
  • The early bird gets the amazing morning sky.....

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