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  • I'm guessing those ski slopes will stay completely deserted today. It's -22 out  there according to this morning's ski report, and  I quote --'Fuhgeddaboutit!'
  • Just as well we had the most magnif day floating down drifts of fluffy white snow today --- the Arctic chill is coming and that means I'll be changing to indoor persuits for the next couple days.......🌸
  • View from my seat.  Fire and snow. #sigh
  • Good times with girlfriends. #snowdaze
  • Dinner is served!! #goodtimes
  • Good morning. 🌞 up and at it!!
  • The darling hubs in his happy place!! Happiest V day @phototerrier πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–#naturesvalleylove
  • I need to spend more time by the ocean. #goals❀️ #lagunabeach #CAfun #authluxsummit #authluxguild
  • Never saw a morning sunrise I didn't love. But this one... #youcallthisework?? #authluxdesignerguild @rohlfaucets
  • Sundown with these lovely peeps. #authlux @rohlfaucets

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