Announcing Brimfield – new fabric and wallpaper from Mally Skok Design

Inspired by the cozy, little rooms, nestled in the eaves of European houses – this is how Mally likes to use her latest offering of fabric and companion wallpaper, ‘Brimfield’. Mally finds it oddly soothing when every surface of the room is covered in pattern, creating a colourful embrace.

Mally designed ‘Brimfield’ after photographing a lovely 19th Century plate that caught her eye while shopping at Brimfield with friends. She meant to go back and buy the plate, but they ran out of time and she never did….The photograph haunted her, so she decided to paint her own version of the pattern and voila!!
Brimfield is also available in a Delft blue colourway, and we are about to release a more muted straw and chocolate version as well.

We hope you like it!
Mally Skok Design

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    I am very excited about this new adventure. Over the past year, I ve thought long and hard about what I wanted my shop to be. I knew that I wanted it to truly reflect my love for all things vintage, floral, pastel and pretty. In keeping with this, you can expect to find everything from vintage millinery flowers and floral fabrics to pretty sprinkles and candies.

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