A visit to Dirt Therapy in Plettenberg Bay

How do you describe South African style to the outside world? South African style has a loving, accepting quality to it. It embraces all forms of beauty in nature, in our animal friends on this earth, and it crosses racial and cultural divides. I love South African style because it comes over as honest, authentic, not “run through a spell check” sort of design. There is no looking over the shoulder to see what the other guy is doing, it’s just the doing! The simplest of objects are revered, nothing is thrown away, everything is re-usable.

On a gorgeous, sunny, January day a couple of weeks ago, a party of girls (oh, and Alexander the Great, my four month old grand-nephew, who is a bit young for the golf team), set off for a jaunt to Dirt Therapy just 10 minutes down the airport road in Plettenberg Bay from our beach house. We had heard from various reliable sources, (especially the mother – Mrs Emmie Foot) that it was something that should not be missed. She was spot on – she loves showing her daughters a thing or two!!



Who knew that plant shopping could be such an experience!


The dreaded Page Wood sisters are really enjoying themselves!


Black plants definitely seem to be au courant in South Africa at the moment.

This is so much more than a nursery – around the corner we found an amazing entertainment area. The dappled light is created by using wattle stems – called latte – placed underneath plastic corrugated roofing. Wattle is actually a scourge in South Africa, introduced from Australia it guzzles water and blocks river ways. It does however make great outdoor building material due to its density. Re-use, re-purpose, that’s how they do it!


I love the zinc topped simple bar, with ingenious, growing green walls.


Indigenous vegetation anchors the front of the simple structure that houses the shop, and offices.


Tables where coffee and snacks are served. How about that view!


Styled to perfection – no fuss, just real stuff happening everywhere!


Inside the shop I discovered that I really didn’t know I loved old watering cans this much!


And I am always a complete sucker for a good basket – this baby next to the table came home with me!


Silliness is always encouraged!


And then there was the baby warthog in the back office. We died!!


Rescued from a farm in the Karoo where it had been abandoned by it’s mother, the exasperated manager was trying to keep him inside the office and away from the restaurant area. He pees and poops just anywhere she told us – such is life…… Gabriella was instantly smitten!


Oh yes, and there were chickens – who doesn’t love chickens? Again with the joking – love it!


We will most definitely be back. Maybe a nice venue for the next birthday celebration…..

Even the canna’s are kinda stylish!




Here’s some info if you find yourself in Plettenberg Bay and want to check it out for yourself.

http://dirttherapy.co.za/ The pics on the website are really gorgeous!



2 thoughts on “A visit to Dirt Therapy in Plettenberg Bay

  1. Katherine Barlow says:

    Dear Mally
    I am overwhelmed by your post – not to mention flattered and grateful…. !! Wish I’d been here to meet you and see your fabulous mum.
    Much love,
    Katherine Barlow

    • Mally says:

      So glad you found it! I will tell Emmie she did a good thing!! I would love to meet you when next in Plett. I LOVE your style! M

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