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Ikat Crazy

Ikat Crazy on Linen and Silk Taffeta

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Ikat Crazy Ikat Crazy Ikat Crazy Ikat Crazy Ikat Crazy Ikat Crazy Ikat Crazy Ikat Crazy

Announcing our new fabric and why I'm Ikat Crazy!

My love affair with Ikat fabric began about 10 years ago when a very trendy friend in London alerted me to the work of Robert Kime. Robert had helped her decorate her house in the country - (he was also doing the Prince of Wales' house down the road - too smart for words!) and had covered a pair of very fine English antique chairs with vintage Kente cloth from Ghana. I was beyond impressed! The juxtaposition of the two completely diverse old world cultures sent my imagination down a whole new set of decorating paths. Global fabrics became my new obsession.

The very next time I was in London I plucked up all my courage and rang the door bell of the minute Robert Kime shop on Kensington Church Street - black door, very scary. The inside was like a treasure chest, gorgeous furniture and lights, amazing printed fabrics, suzani's in the richest of colours and pillows made out of the most beautiful narrow loom Ikat fabrics I had ever seen. I became obsessed with Ikat, started using in in many of my schemes. I found it always added a little twist to my designs, made them less stuffy. I started collecting antique Ikat fabrics found in my travels around the antique stores and antique fairs. My favourites were the ones in the crazy colours from Uzbekistan.

An Ikat fabric the logical next addition to my fabric collection. Last winter I got my paints out and started working on a design. I made the conscious choice of staying somewhat within my original colour palette. I hope this will encourage designers to introduce my Ikats into schemes that have some of my other fabrics in the mix. My linen Ikats have just arrived in my showrooms and the ones printed on silk taffeta - my favourites - will be arriving any time soon.

Mally Skok Design Fabrics grew out of Mally's life long love of textiles. Creating the fabric line with Peter Fasano has been a joyous undertaking for her. Her fabric line is a culmination of all her years of using and collecting the fabrics (both antique and modern) that inspire her. After a trip to India with her sister, 'Julia' and a good friend,' Nichola', she sat down and painted the designs for her India Collection. On seeing the first strike offs an old South African friend, (also a decorator), who has known Mally since she was 17, remarked that her fabrics weren't so much Indian, but in them she saw the inside of Mally's brain, her life's journey. She was happy to hear that.

The fabrics are hand screened in Great Barrington Massachusetts, under that watchful eye and guidance of the owner of the studio, Peter Fasano. Mally has admired and used Peter's fabrics extensively in her projects over the years. It was a conscious choice to keep the fabric local, using local artisan labour, so the Fasano studio was an easy decision. For pictures of the studio and the Peter Fasano team, go to Mally's blog.

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