Design Philosophy

Mally Skok’s decorating style is to layer the old with the new, and add the unexpected. She likes to create rooms that are fresh and comfortable. She feels it is important that a room is visually pleasing but still inviting and never pretentious. Appropriate is one of her key words in decorating. Adding accessories and works of art is essential in making a room feel friendly and lived in.


Mally Skok Design provides a full range of services to help you take your residence or commercial property from raw construction to a completely
finished state.

Design Consulting

Mally Skok likes to spend time getting to know her clients’ tastes and preferences. She believes that people have an inner color palette and takes pleasure in helping her client find the palette that is unique to them; she encourages her clients to embrace color. She believes that there is no single right answer to a design question and that each project needs to be approached in its own individual way. Her goal as a designer is to open the door to the endless design possibilities that exist in the world today and help her client navigate their way through the maze in order to achieve a finished product that brings joy.

Project Management

Mally and her team take pride in the fact that they have a reputation for keeping the project moving along. They understand that their clients have busy lives, and that timely completion of a project is highly valued in today’s world.

Design Center Visits

Mally enjoys spending time in the Boston Design center with her clients, exploring her favorite vendors and showrooms. She has built up a strong business relationship with a number of the foremost design houses in the building.

Antiquing trips with the client

Because of her own love of old and unusual things, Mally has made many friends in the antique business in the surrounding areas of Boston. She has fun introducing her clients to her sources, some of which can be intimidating or difficult to find for the uninitiated . The addition of old furniture to a project lends a timeless quality to the project, which Mally feels is a must, even in contemporary spaces.

Location of art and antiques

Mally has many sources for researching and finding special items of furniture or works of art that the client might be interested in acquiring
for the project. She travels abroad at least 4 times a year and is always on the lookout for fun and unusual things for her clients.

Curtain Making

We use a number of top quality work rooms to achieve the standard of work that our clients expect. All installation is carried out in a highly professional manner.


We consider our upholsterer the best in Boston, he is our most closely guarded secret!

Specialist Painting

Mally works with a number of people that she considers the best specialist painters and muralists in the area. She likes to collaborate closely with them and draw them into the decision-making process of the project. They have done projects in both the Boston area and also Florida
and Europe.

Adding the finishing layer

The final stages of pulling the project together is our favorite part. We like to hand over a truly completed project to our client.