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The Boston Globe | Using art, color, and pattern to update a traditional home

Using art, color, and pattern to update a traditional home

For designer Mally Skok, the result in one Concord project is “a happy house with incredible art.”

Originally posted By Marni Elyse Katz  

Some designers prefer to start with a blank slate, but Mally Skok encourages her clients to reuse. “I like people’s journeys,” says the Lincoln-based interior designer. “I think it’s important that interiors be anchored in the lives of the families who live there.” This project is a perfect example. When her clients, a couple with twin preschoolers, made the move from the far reaches of Foxborough to Concord Center, they brought pieces they had inherited and bought, along with a collection of artwork accumulated over many birthdays and anniversaries. They still had plenty of room for additions and opportunities to spruce up existing pieces with new upholstery. After inventorying their possessions, the designer accompanied the couple to the Boston Design Center, where they demonstrated their love of color, pulling many swatches that Skok used to fill the gaps. The result, she says, is “a happy house with incredible art.”

1. The high backs of the classic Martha Washington-style chairs, which Skok reupholstered in Lee Jofa Exuberance, create a subtle partition between the living room and dining area.

2. The homeowners had recently purchased the apple green armchairs, which Skok used as the jumping-off point for the rest of the room.

3. The orange in the Lee Jofa Mandovi Pumpkin drapery fabric “unsettles the room a bit,” Skok says. “The contemporary tree of life pattern works well in a traditional house looking for an updated vibe.”

4. Skok designed the substantial tufted velvet ottoman, which can hold a drink tray. “It helps keep people in the living room instead of standing around the kitchen island,” she says.

5. On the floor, a contemporary take on a Moroccan rug is the perfect mate to the heavier Oriental carpet in the dining area. “Mixing new and old rugs helps keep rooms from seeming stuffy,” says Skok.

6. The Made Goods “Tressa” side table with gold-tone twig base and “eggshell” top adds a bit of shine and fun.

7. New chairs by Kravet, upholstered in dusty apple and turquoise velour with nailhead trim, surround the classic Victorian mahogany dining table inherited from the husband’s grandmother.

8. Skok brought together the trio of paintings by local artist Todd McKie, which had been scattered in different rooms, to act as a color-saturated focal point. “I think they tell a fun story,” she says.

9. The airy Made Goods “Fiona” chandelier, which has antiqued mirrored panels, replaced an old, heavy fixture.